Screaming Stone Design

Welcome to Screaming Stone Design

I like building websites and and creating cool stuff.

Why not contact me to work on your next project?

I code HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and SQL.

I design websites and MySQL/MariaDB databases which are specific to your needs and these websites are much faster  than you could get anywhere else.

I can code either "vanilla" Javascript or jQuery.

I build the websites customers actually want, which look how customers want them to look, which do what customers want them to do.

I also do PSD to HTML (and CSS) conversions for people who want to design their own websites.

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I can compile and build e-books (ePub, mobi, azw3, etc) and PDFs, so if you have manuals, journals, forms or a book you would like to get published, then do not hesitate to contact me.

I also compile and edit and author DVDs.