Screaming Stone Design

About Me

I have a passion for all things graphical and this includes illustrations and photographs as well as animated cartoons and computer generated images.

If you like cool  things then maybe you should check out the interactive iterative plotter of the Mandelbrot Set function, coded entirely by me in vanilla Javascript - it even works in Internet Explorer!

I like solving problems, like how to put a picture into a fractal, as you can see above. I worked out all of the mathematics for this and then I wrote the code in PHP and utilized the GD library.

I code HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and SQL queries.

I design websites and MySQL/MariaDB databases which are specific to your needs, instead of trying to bully generalized databases into doing what you want, and in this way the websites I create are much faster  than you could get anywhere else.

I can compile and build e-books (ePub, mobi, azw3, etc) and PDFs, so if you have manuals, journals, forms or a book you would like to get published, then look no further.

I also compile and edit and author DVDs.