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Fractalizer is a simple system which will allow you to upload your own photographs and images, such as this-

A pretty girl

and have them “fractalized” for free, like this-

A pretty girl in a Mandelbrot Set fractal

or this-

A pretty girl in a Julia Set fractal

or this-

A pretty girl in a Julia Set fractal

It is important to understand that what you get out of this system depends upon what you put into it – if you upload an image which is not very good then the resulting fractalized image will also not be very good.

Images with strong colours and shapes work best.

Because the process of mapping an image into a fractal, such as the Mandelbrot Set, is extremely computationally intensive and time consuming, it should never be calculated from scratch on an online server as it could cause the server to hang from the stress placed upon it.

Therefore a super-fast and highly-optmized bespoke system is used here instead which can create a fractalized image in a tiny fraction of the time normally taken.

It should be noted that this is not the same as an “orbit trap” fractal which is actually incredibly quick to generate.

You can create your own free fractalized image from a selection of templates and choose from either an image-

A handsome man in a Julia Set fractal
590 × 427 pixels

which you can download and keep or post onto any website of your choosing, or a link-

A handsome man in a Julia Set fractal
590 × 308 pixels

which you can post to any social media website of your choosing.

If you want to get a larger image it can be generated from scratch (offline) for a very modest fee, once payment has been received by PayPal.

Images can be generated at various supersampling rates and while they can be generated without supersampling it is not recommended.

supersampling rates

If you have specific requirements these can also be catered for.

Such requirements can include things like-

  • Fading to white instead of to black
  • Fading from one colour to another colour
  • Using a specific set of co-ordinates for a julia set
  • Using a greater zoom level than the standard available in the templates
  • Using a different fractal algorithm, such as Newton's Basins of Attraction
  • Using more than 1 source image
  • Outputting a size which is much larger than the ones suggested in the Fractalizer options
  • Outputting a lossless format, such as PNG, instead of a JPEG

Whatever your requirements, just contact me and let me know what they are.

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