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I retired from maintaining this website in 2017 and it was taken over by a web design agency who attempted to replace it with their own “design” but many of the features could not be reproduced by the generalized CMS they used and are therefore still in place and the result is an awful mishmash of different designs.

The pages which have been replaced are agonizingly slow and the navigation system is very poorly implemented.

This website features:

This bespoke content management system features:

This website started out as a simple HTML redesign of the original Dressage Ireland website and has quickly grown in complexity to incorporate the features listed above plus many more besides.

Quite a lot of websites at the moment are merely implementations of WordPress blogs with freely available (style) templates applied and with minor tweaks made to them, which use entirely inappropriate navigation systems and which are not fit for purpose – essentially they are overly complex “programs” which do only one thing - they display “posts”.

The Dressage Ireland website, on the other hand, was a collection of separate “programs” each of which performed an entirely different task from the others - tasks which are not possible with something like WordPress.

The system for calculating horse points is a clear and transparent system which is continuously updated and it replaced an antiquated by-hand system whereby points were made available a maximum of twice per year.

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