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This website features:

This website is a complete redesign of an earlier purely HTML website made by another designer.

EIS Agency had two problems with their original website-

  1. Their original designer would charge an outrageous sum for each minor update to the site, so it was important that they should be able to do this by themselves at no cost.
  2. Their original site had been cloned at least three times and the clones used to defraud dozens of people and this had a negative impact upon the reputation of EIS Agency itself.

The new site can be easily updated by a bespoke content management system and to hamper potential fraudsters the images on the site can’t be easily stolen.

EIS Agency were very particular about the design of the website - the layout of each page was specified and the colour scheme had to match the black, silver and white of their newly designed logo.

Because of the structure of the new design it was easy to extend it to incorporate a second language when this was required.

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