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This website featured:

I was asked by PharmacyOne to redesign their website as it no longer functioned and the original designers were no longer available to do this.

I based the design upon fliers which the client had had printed so that they would have a uniform and consistent brand identity.

As part of the redesign I had to salvage and rebuild the exisitng database so that it could accomodate new features the client wanted added to the site.

New users could register online and would be sent a confirmation e-mail which would activate their accounts.

The login feature would redirect the users according to their category - employers, jobseekers and administrators - and show them the appropriate pages.

Prospective employers could post information about job vacancies and could see what jobseekers were available to take up the position.

They could also post alerts for other pharmacist owners about stolen medications or problems.

Jobseekers could upload their CVs to the server so that it would be available to the administrators for download without the need to e-mail to them separately.

They could search for jobs in a particular location, for a specific term (permanent, part time, locum, long term contract) and for a particular type of position (pharmacist hospital/supervisor/support, pharmacy technician/assistant).

They could apply directly for any jobs without needing to e-mail the administrators separately.

The administrators could add/delete and update any information already posted to the website.

This company ceased trading so this website no longer exists.

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